Finishing Supplies

All prices include domestic shipping.*

Shellac wax 1/4 pound – $19

Shellac wax, extracted from raw stick lac, is the second hardest of the naturally occurring waxes. It is generally used as a blend with beeswax to render it more useful as a block wax, especially for burnishing turnings or as a paste wax/grain filler with a polissoir. My shellac wax is imported directly from the factory in east central India and is further refined here by molten filtering and forming into quarter-pound blocks for packaging.



1/4 lb. block of hand processed beeswax – $13

2 lb. bag of lemon shellac flour – $72

*Overseas and Canadian shipping is available and I will contact you for the details after you place your order. Usually overseas postage is an addition $12-20 per order, Canada is $7-10 extra.