Finishing Supplies

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Shellac wax 1/4 pound – $21

Shellac wax, extracted from raw stick lac, is the second hardest of the naturally occurring waxes. It is generally used as a blend with beeswax to render it more useful as a block wax, especially for burnishing turnings or as a paste wax/grain filler with a polissoir. My shellac wax is imported directly from the factory in east central India and is further refined here by molten filtering and forming into quarter-pound blocks for packaging.

1/4 lb. block of hand processed beeswax – $15

2 lb. bag of lemon shellac flour – $74

Mel’s Wax – $51 per 4 oz. jar, US domestic shipping included (will NOT ship to California)

[Out Of Stock]

Mel’s Wax is a semi-liquid, high-performance yet easy-to-use archival furniture care product created by museum conservators over many years, specifically for the care of furniture collections (US Patent 6,156,108).  It was formulated so that 1) it will not contribute unnecessarily to the degradation of the artifact on which it is used, and 2) almost effortlessly provide a durable, beautiful surface for furniture exhibit, use and preservation.  Its created purpose is for easier care and maintenance — dusting, gentle cleaning, handling, etc. — of historic furniture while providing a robust surface and lustrous appearance.  A little goes a very long way.

Mel’s Wax Is Currently Not Available

Blend 31 – $18 per quarter pound packaged block, US domestic shipping included.

By request I am offering blocks of 3 parts beeswax to 1 part shellac wax. It is noticeably harder than pure beeswax and much less hard & brittle than shellac wax alone. I find this to be a terrific blend for widespread uses, I employ this for waxing plane soles, fretsaw blades, and even grain filling and surface burnishing with a polissoir, especially on turnings.

*Overseas and Canadian shipping is available and I will contact you for the details after you place your order. Usually overseas postage is an addition $12-20 per order, Canada is $7-10 extra.