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Whenever You Think You Need An Exquisite Tool Kit…

I’ve met a few guys like this out here in the hinterlands.  I’ve often said I was Northern by birth and Southern by the Grace of God.  I might amend that now given my affection for life on the fringe of Appalachia.

I’ve been beat by the end of the day between yard work and such, and another round of “rearrangeritis” (h/t Stumpy Nubs) in the shop.  I’ve probably not done much real work at the bench in three or four months.  Between finding a young fellow to take over all the yard work and winding down some sporadic family travel I hope to be back making sawdust and shavings in a month.

Materials Science To The Rescue Again (not Woodworking)

As a craftsman with severe visual limitations, like a great hindrance from ultra-low light conditions, (a/k/a “night) I found this article made my heart go a-flutter.  I have absolutely no idea of the content’s veracity but enjoyed it just the same.

Now back to the neverending yard work.

Optical Engineers Invent Ultra-Thin Coating That Turns Ordinary Glasses into High-Efficiency Night Vision Goggles – The Debrief