2015 AD = 1 AW


My recent disagreement with the wheelbarrow has given rise to some introspection and contemplation, mostly about the fact that I am no longer as agile nor strong as I was forty years ago at 20.  (Admittedly I have never really been that agile unless I had a basketball in my hand; I had some spin/post moves that could have taken me to the NBA.  Unfortunately I chose the wrong parents and quit growing a foot too soon)  Now, I could pout about that or be despondent with regret or refuse to acknowledge the situation and get angry, or I could accept reality for what it is and adapt to it.  It was an easy choice as I am simply too lazy to be angry, much, and what little anger I do possess is pretty much consumed when reflecting on the ongoing demise of Western Civilization.



Yesterday brought one practical step in the right direction of adopting new strategies for remaining productive while revising downward the role of brute strength in said labors as I assembled and started using my new four-wheeled wheelbarrow, a/k/a the tilting dump wagon.  From this point on I will do very little with Ace Wheelbarrow, probably moving leaves or dry mulch or similar non-dense materials, but when it comes to moving dirt, gravel, and firewood, my new buddy Gorilla Dump Cart Wagon and I will do the chore.


As for other chores, my times of spending the day at the top of a forty foot ladder are probably passed a well, and I will endeavor to find younger, stronger, and more agile men to hire for assistance around the homestead.

Gorilla and I will probably not be quite as fast as Ace and I were, but two-plus months of inactivity followed by an undetermined period of recuperation and regaining strength has a way of getting your attention.  Plus, as my pastor once said during a memento mori-ish sermon, “Time is undefeated.”

Thus 2015 Anno Domini is now known as year 1 After Wheelbarrow.