90 More Minutes…

…And I would have finished the shingling on this side of the living room.  I just ran out of time.

This is how I left the south wall a year ago.

Another hour-and-a-half of shingling and then it will be on to trimming out the upper window and the wall corners.

I resumed the work that I’d been doing last autumn and was making pretty good progress while dottir’s friend was dismantling the front decking.  It was actually nice to work on a wall that only has windows, rather than a wall that has plumbing, electrical service, a/c paraphernalia…  I was making excellent progress before I had to switch to working with him on the new decking.

Next trip back I can finish the shingling and the new trim without a hitch.  Then on to the final stretch of the new shingling on the upstairs wall above the living room.