A Charming Video

I might be the last guy to see this, but I found this video link while plowing through a mountain of old e-mail.  It is a delightful little feature on Leonard and Robin Lee of Lee Valley Tools who have helped lighten my wallet immensely over the years.  I have yet to meet Leonard, but consider Robin a friend and an aces guy.

In fact, the contemporary world of woodworking tool makers and purveyors is densely populated with wonderful guys too numerous to mention individually here, with only the occasional stinker.  (My 98-year-old mom, a devout woman who raised five devout children, is of such a sweet and Godly temperament that profane or even particularly critical utterances are simply beyond her.  When she once described — with great verve — a co-worker as “a real stinker” I knew he must have been the Spawn of Satan.)