A Part of the Solution to Tragedy

In the aftermath of the apparently premeditated psychotic rampage in Uvalde TX, once again we have to decide — either protecting kids at school is important or it is not.  To the good people of Early TX it is obviously important.  It is a model that should be replicated from coast to coast.

We cannot wish evil away, sanctimonious posturing will not do.

Our political vermin could ship $40-50-60 BILLION to Ukraine at the drop of a hat and spend ~$800 BILLION annually on “education” in the U.S.   But, we have had a almost a quarter-century since Columbine, a decade since Sandy Hook and four years since Parkland to secure our schools and chose not to.

If it offends you that I have thrown this ice cold bucket of reality in your face on my own woodworking blog, tough.  I will give your offense all the consideration it deserves; okay, I’m done with that.

I have no desire to say more on this matter.