A Timely and Generous Loan

My long time friend and colleague Cor(nelis) van Horne had a project that justified his making a ripple molding machine himself.  I think the project involved making several full sized room doors with basketweave ripple molding somewhere in the design.  Recently Cor retired and moved back to his native Holland, and gifted the machine to Winterthur Museum with the condition that it be used for educational programming.  Chief Furniture Conservator Mark Anderson contacted me with the offer to use it in the upcoming Ripple Molding Machine workshop and I accepted.  One of the things we will be doing during the gathering in two weeks will be to get the machine fully assembled and tuned up so that we can crank out some molding for everyone to go home with.

I spent a half hour putting the legs back on and some other minor assembling, mostly to get all the pieces together and out of my way.

Here is a picture of a frame Cor made with some of the moldings he made with this machine.