the homestead

A Wondrous Weekend

While this blog is not really about my family, there are times when it needs a good mention.  Such posts may not interest you, but quoting Mollie Hemingway, “My spiritual gift is that I do not care what you think about anything.”

The cabin is hauntingly quiet now after a long weekend with both daughters, one son-in-law, and L’il T filling every cubic inch with love and joy.  Even when he is fussy (teething) L’il T is a joy and truly a Godly blessing.  He is completely captivated by this white fur on my face, stroking it every time I held him.  Heart-melting moments.

One of the motivations behind the visit was a celebration of LtCdr’s birthday, but even more was it was deer hunting season.  He spent several days sitting up in the woods for hours at dawn and dusk, bow-and-arrow at the ready.  Of course, his only score was at dusk on their last night here.  We spent until almost midnight dressing the carcass.  My mouth is almost watering in the anticipation of the venison roasts yet to be cooked.

The skill set related to hunting is not one I possess, so it was a grand time of bonding with the father of my grandson.  Given my age and visual limitations it is not likely I will ever be a good hunter, or even any kind of hunter, but I learned a lot about hunting in conversations with LtCdr over their visit.  No doubt it could come in handy as the nation seems hell-bent on becoming Venezuela, where things got so bad they ate the zoo animals.