A Youtube Treasure (and Redoubt of Sanity)

Mrs. Barn and I do not have a television that is hooked up to much more than the DVD player and an internet thingy so we do not watch any broadcast or cable television (hence our comparative sanity), we basically stick with movies checked out from the library or the occasional internet video.  Lately I have been binging on a channel that comes from James Townsend and Son, a company I first learned about twenty years ago when our daughters were doing 18th Century reenactment encampments with their history teachers.  Townsend provides clothing and accoutrements for the vast world of historical reenactors.  I am not going to steer you towards their commercial enterprise, you can find that easily enough, but rather to their youtube channel with almost eight hundred excellent educational videos wherein the participants are re-living history.  There are lots of videos on historic crafts that just might suck you in for an hour or a day, week, whatever.

Here is a charming video where they are building a primitive shaving horse with even more primitive tools.  Enjoy.