This week is our first real cold snap of the season with overnight temps in the mid-20s.  It was also the first chance to give my new 18,000 BTU propane heater a workout, albeit a fairly easy one.  It was an unmitigated delight when I walked into the studio on the chilly morning to find it comparatively comfortable; it was 30 degrees outside and 40 inside, which is where I tried to set it (the controller is analog rather than digital so there is a bit of guess work involved at the beginning).

With real winter approaching fast I expect this heater to be a game changer.  In the past I had never perfected the art of keeping the wood/coal stove in the basement going all night long, and while the residual heat remained, on really cold mornings it was a mite brisk to start the day.  I often spent a good portion of the morning getting the heat up in the studio.  I suspect that in the winter upcoming I will realize just how much time and effort I spent getting the place, time I can now spend more productively.