An Old Friend on T.V.

This is not a politic/economic/faith blog, and though I neither apologize nor shy from my minarchist convictions and Biblical worldview, that is generally not what is about.  That said, I was delighted to hear from my long-time friend economist Dr. Walter Williams that he was featured in a lengthy one-on-one interview on television recently (we do not have our television connected so I had to find it on line, and this video is not the best).  We will be dining together again next week and I look forward to engaging him in person as has occurred dozens of times previously in the past 30+ years.

Back to regularly expected content tomorrow.

WARNING — Snowflakes, DO NOT watch this as you will be triggered and microaggressed, and you will be unable to find a Safe Space adequate for your whimpering selves.  Walter’s views are considered radical and strident by some, but I find them morally, epistemologically and empirically sound.  Which, IMHO, is why they will not prevail.