Another Great Tool Collection





Recently while making my visit to the ripple molding cutter and its owner Jerry, when we were finished ogling that special machine and the remarkable things it made he took us across the yard to another shop.  I believe this one was actually never a working shop but instead built as a repository for the tools belonging to his father and grandfather, both renowned local craftsmen.  The assemblage of tools used by these men in the pursuit of their livelihood was astounding.  My camera battery died or I would have shown the drawers and cabinets filled with the inventory.

cIMG_1623 cIMG_1619

There were lots of eye-popping things to see, beginning with this Moravian style workbench I think was 10-feet long.



Or the original Barnes velocipede scroll saw.


Or the Great Wheel lathe.


Or the post threader, conceptually similar to that invented by Henry Boyd, one of my personal heroes.  This turned right hand threads on one end of a bed rail and left hand threads on the other, allowing the entire bedstead to be assembled in seconds by completely unskilled hands.  Here is a another article about him, and this video is worth a look.  Truly, given his life story and creative accomplishments, I long ago came to see Henry Boyd as a Force of Nature and a man to be emulated.