Assembling the Parquetry Units I


One of the aspects of creating the Roentgen-inspired parquetry surface for my dream tool cabinet is that making the trapezoidal units is something I can do a few minutes or couple hours at a time, in between all the other stuff filling my plate; yard work, the new greenhouse, workshop planning and prep (with the requisite housekeeping), writing and editing, playing with tordonshell, noodling all manner of creativity, etc.

Using this rough “proof of concept” exercise panel I was ready to chare forward beginning to create the individual elements and begin assembling them into the final diamond shapes.

My hope is to have the necessary elements finished so that I can begin laying the parquetry some time this fall, going through the winter.

Once I had a sufficient quantity of sawn white oak veneers, roughly a shy 1/8″ thick, I bound several layers together and laid out as many of the triangles as I could on the surface layer.

Since “precision” was an irrelevant component of the composition at this point I was completely comfortable with sawing them out on the bandsaw.  Somehow I failed to get a picture of the filled boxes of cut triangles, but when I had them I moved on to the next step – fitting half- and whole-trapezoids together.