Back In The Shop!

I do not normally post about current activities, but I was so excited about my vertigo beginning to subside and my getting back up the hill to the Barn yesterday I just wanted to do so this morning.  Under the watchful eye of my visiting brother I spent much of  yesterday puttering in the shop, tidying and setting up for some work in The Waxery, that dedicated “clean space” reserved for my mad scientist-y stuff.

Another couple days of improvement like the last two and I will be well on the road to normalcy, or at least what passes for a facsimile of normalcy in my life.  I’m still a tad fuzzy around the edges and must be very careful not to turn my head quickly (dizzeryness ensues) or use power equipment, but otherwise it was a most productive day.

I even got all caught up on shipping orders that had accumulated over the previous fortnight.

Just in time for Thanksgiving.