I did so little websurfing over the Christmas week that it took an email from Webmeister Tim notifying me that the entire web site had been offline and that he was on the case.  It turns out it was an administrative thang going back ten years to the foundations of  There was some sort of certificate/hosting/renewal minutiae that named original Webmeister Jason as the payment source, or more precisely, Jason’s credit card.  Since Jason has moved on to other projects and almost certainly does not have the same credit card numbers, and neither Webmeister Tim nor I were listed as the contacts/payers for some “i” dotting, “t” crossing exercise, the entity involved had no one to respond to their billing notice.

Anyhow, Tim texted me last night that the electron-work details had been resolved (is it really “paperwork” anymore?) and we will have a strategy chat tonight about the future of the site and its ancillaries.  I congratulate him resoundingly for diligence in getting any interwebz/compewder service company to respond in any way on Christmas Day!

I’m still in the midst of a season of scheduling dynamism so don’t get too nervous about any occasional radio silence.  Never fear, there is so very much going on and yet to begin on the homestead.

Stay tuned.