Beds… French Beds


Yesterday as Michele and I were completing the FINAL review of a section of the manuscript (the overwhelming majority of the manuscript is already in the Lost Art Press sausage grinder) we could not help but notice the big hole we had left in the volume To Make As Perfectly As Possible: Roubo On Furniture Making.


You see, the whole point of starting the Roubo Project seven years ago was amusement.


Not in the sense of what I found humorous, but rather the things I found interesting.  If it was not interesting to me, it wasn’t going in the book.  And I am not interested in bed making.

This is where the weight of history begins to rest heavily on the shoulders.  Was I going to allow my own preference to mis-shape the record we were leaving for Anglophone posterity?  And, when does preference represent principle, and when does it represent petulance?  Even I could see that without the chapter on beds, Roubo would not be complete.  So into the hopper it goes.


We have hit the ground sprinting, and by the time the LAP editorial process gets to this chapter, it should be in their hands so no special delays will encumber them in that regard.  Still, the process for a book this massive is a hu-u-u-ge undertaking, and I can never show enough appreciation to Chris for taking a chance on us getting this project to fruition.

Now it is my job to persuade Chris to go along with our craziness.

So, those three of you who are passionate about French beds c.1770, and you know who you are, will get your cup overflowing.