Beeswax Processing, Part 3


With  substantial stock of purified beeswax in the kitchen, Mrs. Barn jumps into action.


Using a standard cooking pot, she drapes a fine weave linen into the pot as one last filter medium then places the beeswax chunks inside to melt them in preparation of making the blocks.


We currently have five silicone molds for making the cast blocks.  One of these days I will need to make some more molds of the original carved block we use as the model for the final product.



Using a dedicated set of tools, Mrs. Barn fills each of the rubber molds to the level she has learned to be the quantity of 1/4 pound.  It takes about a half hour to get the cast blocks cooled and removed from the molds.


Literally each block is weighed to confirm the weight at 1/4 pound plus 3 or four percent, making sure that every block is a fair product.  If they are not, their weight is adjusted as necessary.



The stack of cooled blocks is individually wrapped in packaging we designed and are very happy with.

And that’s it!