Best Song(?) on the Best Album(?) by the Best Band! (obviously not woodworking)

From the golden age of America’s best ever rock band, sez me and Jimmy Page, the jazz/funk/polyrhythmic “Day at the Dog Races,” (I vaguely recall blogging about it eons ago) a song I can listen to repeatedly at the same sitting.  Speaking of which, I remember one Thanksgiving Friday twenty years ago when Mel and I might have been the only people at work, so we decided to see how many times we could listen to Phil Collins’ “Something in the Air Tonight” on our best-in-the-building sound system.  We put the CD player on “Repeat 1” until we were tired of it.  As I recall, the answer was 43 times in a row.

Little Feat did a lot of backup for a variety of vocalists including Robert Palmer (Sneaking Sally Through the Alley) but as a bonus here is LF backing an engaging performance of Rhumba Baby by the infectiously charming Nicolette Larson.  From back in the day when music was fun and didn’t make my ears bleed, like the junk kids listen to today.