BoneDoc: “Git ‘er done!”


Yesterday I had my final check up with the orthopedic surgeon who bolted my femur back together three months ago.  He was pleased with my progress (the fracture is no longer visible in the newest x-ray; this picture is from several weeks ago) and released me to whatever level of activity I wanted to undertake.   He did posit — scolding would be too strong of a word — that I was unrealistic in already abandoning my cane and I should keep it in use for several more weeks, especially when hiking the 150 yards of 15% incline to and from the shop.  And, the leg strength is at about 75%, with the remaining coming in the next few weeks.

The hip has been a little cranky lately, almost certainly due to the 11-hour drive to and from southern Georgia, punctuated by a week of standing on a concrete floor during the Roubo Bench Build (more about that in coming blogs).  But it felt much better today after a couple nights in my own bed and a day on the much gentler floors of The Barn.