Bringing Out the Major Mojo

Over the last few weeks I’ve been cleaning and  organizing/reorganizing my studio, resulting in a more compact spatial scheme and, thus a space for my secret weapon in writing.  Yup, I brought down my secret mojo into the studio to psyche me into attacking the completion of A Period Finisher’s Manual with gusto.

Sure, it is a raggedy third generation Eames knock-off (here draped in an old sheet to keep it clean-ish) but it is perhaps the most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned.  It would be interesting to know the dimensions of Charles Eames’ physique because the chair fits me as though it had been custom-made for me.  It’s sorta like a friend of mine, an armorer and devotee of Sig Sauer pistols, who tells me they fit him like a glove.  Indeed S-S are superb precision tools, but the secret sauce to that recipe is that my friend is literally the hand model for the tool — of course he thinks they fit him perfectly, because they were designed to fit his own hand!

Anyway, I have already begun to work on revising the APFM manuscript with  vengeance as I am simply tired of having it hanging over my head.  Michele has advanced far ahead of me on the Roubo front so I need to get this one done and turn my attention to catching up with her.

I’m hoping this mojo works as well as in the past, when I could work expediently on a manuscript in my chair (even with cats draped allover me while I was revising Roubo 1).