It’s been a weather-y week at the homestead.  We raced home from a family visit to be here in time for Sunday’s snowstorm, which turned out to be the real deal — 11 inches followed a day later by several more.  A good part of every day this week has been spent dealing with the aftermath.  Perhaps the most invigorating (?) sessions have been those behind the controls of the snow blower clearing the few hundred yards of driveway from the gate to the cabin and then on up the hill to the barn.  On Monday the swirling wind was howling but the snow needed to be cleared so I was always getting a face full of the blown snow regardless of which way I pointed the chute.

When I came in for lunch my beard and moustache were solid blocks of ice, and it took through lunch for it all to melt off.

It was warmer yesterday and rained last night before getting cold again, shrink wrapping everything in a glaze of ice.  Even hiking up to the barn was an exercise in caution.  Upcoming is our annual week of frigid temperatures with nightly lows near or below zero.  Nothing like the -15 in my home town, but certainly cold enough.