Changing Course Equals Success

Going back to the drawing board for my self-fabricated plywood yielded excellent results.

The problem presented by my previous attempt, unique in my experience of making several other plywood pieces from veneers, led me in a different direction.  Given the performance needs of the completed panels the obvious option of hammer-veneering the laminae with hot animal hide glue was not a realistic option as the panels need to perform in a variably hostile environment.  Instead I went back to an old favorite for this sort of gluing — marine epoxy.

I repeated the same steps as before using another couple of sheets of the prime ash veneer but substituting old favorite West System Epoxy for the PVA, eliminating any delierious moisture response in-process.

The results were entirely satisfactory, yielding 5-ply panels just under 1/8″ and 7-ply approximately 3/16″ so I can now proceed with the project.