Cockroach’s Cousins

The regular(?) routine of life in Shangri-La has been disrupted in recent weeks after we received theses pictures and note from our daughter in Maryland just as we were heading out for a week in the Midwest.

There is this strange dust on the sill of a [35-year-old] window the living room…

My heart sank as even then I knew what I would find on our return.

Interestingly it seems as though the entrée for this window section was through the lock unit.

(The irony is that my demo at Groopshop was “Dealing with insect infestation in furniture.”)

I immediately ripped off the outer trim and saw this.  Oiy.  I could actually see a vigorous livestock community moving around.  I immediately doused all available surfaces with a decaborate/glycol solution to excess, headed for home to load up the necessary tools and order the needed supplies.

I did not have this month’s worth of work factored into my calendar, but it needs to be done.   I’m already about halfway through.  We already knew the cedar shingle panel siding needed replacement, it was almost 35 years old after all, but not necessarily this year.  Well, it turns out this year is it.