Comfortably Sore

Last week I spent some time puttering in the balcony library in The Barn, arranging books and adding door latches and what not  in order to keep critters out of the collection.

But Monday was my first real full day or serious work in the studio, an appropriate celebration on the eve of the two month anniversary of the broken hip.  Since I was working in a relatively defined small-ish space with workbenches and other supports around me, my cane spent most of the day hanging on the hook with my hat.

I spent the morning working on client’s projects, and around lunch time my friend Bob came over and together we worked on a small table top we started fabricating three or four months ago for a salvaged sewing machine base for his wife (hmm, I hope it is not a surprise).  It was a great time of fellowship and shavings, as I am teaching him about my way of woodworking, as he will continue to teach me about his way of gunsmithing.  We worked until quitting time, at which time I drove down the hill and helped Mrs. Barn move another load of firewood from the lower barn to the firewood shed alongside the cabin.

As we watched a documentary DVD after supper I noticed the general ache throughout my body from such a (comparatively) vigorous day.  Even the muscles in my hands were sore from hand-planing boards and rasping some joinery!

I woke the next morning with the delightful stiffness felt after a deep night’s sleep following a day of physical labors.

It was wonderful!