Comme Si, Comme Sa

Six weeks ago I had, according to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, my 23rd eye operation.  Fortunately, like a few of them this one was laser work, as the doc was opening up the pressure port on the rear wall of my eyeball, to facilitate lower intraocular pressures made necessary by my advanced glaucoma.  (They say you cannot feel ocular laser oblation.  “They” do not tell the truth.)

Yesterday was my follow-up appointment.  Unfortunately one of the other doctors in the clinic was sick so my waiting time was four hours.  I didn’t really have an option as we were 2-1/2 hours from Shangri-la.  Anyway, the particulars of the post-op evaluation were exceedingly good.  My eye pressure was reduced by more than 20% (this was the second iteration of this procedure, so the benefit was compounded), and even more remarkable, my vision had improved by one full line on the chart.  Still, while the acuity was increased the clarity did not.  The best analogy I can make is that in my dominant eye the vision is like looking at a scoreboard after evening fog moves in.  I can still make out the numbers but the overall effect is pretty hazy.

All in all, not a bad day.