Cornucopia of Learning

I reflect frequently on the multitude of opportunities we have to learn about our crafts — workshops, periodicals, books, videos — things that were either unavailable of unknown to us when I started out 43 ears ago.  Workshops were a novelty back then, we were on the cusp of the current Golden Age of woodworking publications but not yet there, and video was a concept beyond our experience or even imagination.

One of the things about my current and ongoing forced inactivity is that for perhaps for the first time I am able to browse the range of learning opportunities for woodworkers on youtube.  A lot of it does not interest me or is of marginal utility, but yesterday I discovered this video about sharpening Japanese planes.

Even without the benefit of any verbal component other than occasional chyrons, the power and skill of the visual element is such that I could follow exactly what he was doing and telling us.

I look forward to exploring this entire series, along with other treasures and dross I will encounter as I thrash around youtube.