Custom Formulated Paste Waxes II


I finished mixing up a variety of paste waxes to demonstrate at the upcoming Professional Refinishers Group meeting.  Since canning jars come in flats of a dozen, I made a dozen varieties, actually nine varieties but added coloration to three of those.  They range from easy to use soft beeswax to harder to use but much higher performance blends of beeswax, shellac wax and carnauba wax with a trace mount of acrylic resin additive.  The latter is a very impressive formulation that I might start producing if I can be convinced of its efficacy through testing by  craftsmen at the bench.  Producing wax and resin finishing products has always been part of my plan.  Since The Anarchist’s Daughter has spurred a renewed interest in small scale paste wax production, this might be the time.



I also prepped about 45 shellacked panels to use as substrates for waxing and polishing so that we can evaluate the blends on an even playing field.  Who knows, while at Group we may come up with something new.

I found this exercise to be so much fun that I will include it in the upcoming Traditional Finishing Workshop at the Barn June 20-22 if there is any interest by the participants.  If you are interested in coming, drop me a note here.