CW’s 2023 WW18thC

This week by mail and email I got the announcements (several of them, actually) for the upcoming conference Working Wood in the 18th Century at Colonial Williamsburg, January 26-29, 2023.  The topic is certainly of great interest to me and since they have rescinded all their previous Covid restrictions I am likely going.

Over the past dozen years I think the only times I have gone is when I was a presenter, so this will be a pleasant experience.  I know most of the presenters and look forward to visiting with them, and hope to run into friends old and new.  I promise to be mostly congenial but have to brush up on some social skills that may have become dormant in recent years.

If you’re going let me know.

Back to harvesting firewood for winter 2023/2024 and well beyond.  There’s a lot of storm-fall out there.