Dramatic Reading day 1


This afternoon will be the first time that Michele and I sit down at the dining table and work together in person to simultaneously review completed sections ofTo Make As Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Furniture Making.  I will conduct the dramatic reading from the completed English manuscript, the sections that have thus far endured nine rounds of translating, editing, and review, while Michele follows along with the original pages from 1774.  Thus far we have 155 pages of manuscript that fit this description.  Our working manuscript is 820 pages long!

This is hardly a whimsical endeavor as we note each and every deviation and correction, which including typographical, syntax, and typesetting notations numbers sometimes in the thousands per chapter.  Afterwards I will enter every correction, before it is ready for Chris Schwarz’ red pen.

Just didn’t want you to think we were slacking.  Even without this, my typical day includes reviews of hundreds of pages of manuscript edits from a half dozen collaborators and reviewers.