Enticingly Nearer

The Samuel Gragg Windsor rocking chair I bought several weeks ago has begun its winding road to Shangri-la.  My friend JB, who clued me into the sale in the first place, was finally able to make the connection and pick up the chair this week.  The logistics of getting an on-line auction trophy from northern Fascichussetts to the hinterlands of Virginia has been a challenge, but the plan is coming to fruition.  I expect it to arrive as early as this coming week.

He assures me that the chair is very comfortable, not the least bit surprising because if Samuel Gragg knew anything it was how to make a comfortable chair.

I’m thinking it will live either on the front porch of the cabin or near my writing space in the barn.  But one thing is for sure — it is getting enticingly nearer, and its arrival is much anticipated.