With the especially strenuous activities program on the homestead these days — tons of yard work, fixing my hydro line, etc., with very little time in the shop at the moment — my evenings have been pretty sluggish.  I often don’t even have the energy to read anything serious or write, and instead we sit on the couch and work our way through “Leave It To Beaver” or “The Dick van Dyke Show” a couple episodes at a time.  Yes, in most respects (not all, but most) I would be happy for the tenor and character of our culture to reflect the 1950s USA.  That culture has long passed, being replaced by something that seems to resemble Mao’s Cultural Revolution inflicted on the innocent population of China, and now being revived in spirit among the American “intellectuals” and academics.  In other words, people generally devoid of any useful beneficent accomplishments.  (I do not consider bloviation and pontificating to be useful, unless they agree with me of course!)

In addition to LITB or DVDS I can often be found spending time immersed in woodworking videos, like those of a Japanese commercial custom carpenter who uses both machines and hand tools in his excellent work.  Some of his machinery boggles the mind.

There is no grass growing under this fellow’s feet.