Final Chapter Underway!


With Christmas less than a week away the most intense period of editing, revising and annotating for To Make As Perfectly As Possible: Roubo On Furniture Making is drawing to a close.  I have spent nearly every spare waking moment working on it since about July.

I am making my way through the 250-page-printout behemoth that is the final chapter of our book (84 12×18 text pages and over a dozen very complex illustrated plates in the original).  This chapter, Volume III, Section 3, Chapter 13, “Of Solid Cabinetry or Assembly in General” is in some respects the most fascinating chapter of the treatise in that it presents turning, screw cutting, locksmithing, metalworking,  flute cutting and wave-molding machines, all esoteric and fascinating stuff.  It resided, awkwardly in my opinion, in the middle of the sections on marquetry that comprised our first volume of TMAPAP, so I took editorial license and moved it to this volume.

Depending on familial, seasonal, and travel activities I expect to wrap this up in less than a week.

The vigorous badminton match wherein we launch manuscript pieces back and forth over the (inter) net has begun in earnest.