Finally, The Chinking

The culmination of the cabin work was the application of the new chinking.  The restoration crew mixed their own on site, a mélange of lime, cement, and sand.  Forty-plus yeas of experience has led them down this path, and I was in no position to second-guess them.

With the foam insulation in place (it will remain a high performance flexible foam in perpetuity since it will be encased in the wall, protected by the UV light that turns it into rigid powder) topped over by nailed-on metal screen lath was ready to be impregnated with the cement mixture.

Once again I was delighted to have turned the project over to someone else.  Their fortitude and skill to do this kind of work at height in direct sunlight was impressive.  I ain’t a’ skeert of heights, but the going up and down just wears me out.

The result is the cabin has never looked better.  The only thing left to do on the project is the replacement of a small damaged log section next to the chimney, a final step that will be completed next week.

Now to start saving for new windows for next summer.  I can almost hardly wait for winter to get here so we can see how effective all of this work has been.