Firewood Ladle Finished

I could not push the envelope too far when shaping the bowl of the ladle due to the squirrel-y-ness of the wood, but the end result was fairly pleasing.  Once all the shaping was complete I worked the entire surface with graduating levels of sandpaper, starting at 150 and ending with 400.

Then I mixed up some absolutely positively food-safe paste wax of 2/3 walnut oil and 1/3 beeswax, and burnished that into the surface with a fine abrasive pad until the surface just glowed.  It was a pleasure to the senses at that point, with the smooth surface and the nice lines and the soft beeswax scent.

This is a food-safe item, with the epoxy impregnant fully reacted it should tolerate moderate temperatures and liquids with no problem.  Were it to be left in a steaming tureen of stew for a long stretch, of that I am not so certain of the outcome.  Not of any toxicity problems, the epoxy being fully reacted would be inert, but it would be a touch thermoplastic and soften just a bit.  And the walnut oil/beeswax polish would just melt into the pot with virtually no notice, and could be re-polished after washing.

The finished implement is now displayed on the serving table in the dining room, though at the moment it is surrounded by all the seeds and shoots Mrs. Barn is planting in the garden when weather permits.

For a first-time spoon carving project, I am not displeased.