FORP II: The Anticipation Begins

The Benchcrafted folks opened the registration for the November 2015 reprise of the amazing French Oak Roubo Project I was privileged to to participate in last year (and no, my own bench is not yet finished.  It has been languishing for the past 14 months while other things have been closer to the top of the “Get This Done Now!” pile).

c mondo dovetail

I will once again be part of the teaching-and-helping team, along with Jameel Abraham, Raney Nelson, Chris Schwarz, Jon Fiant, Will Myers, Jeff Miller, Ron Brese, and our incomparable host Bo Childs.

c slabs galore

I was outside working all day today, and just now saw the posting for the registration being opened, and the posting indicating that all the slots were filled.

My only sage advice is to make sure to wear clothes you do not mind getting stained.  This oak was so rich in tannins that everything I wore then still has a faded black tint to it, but given my wardrobe that’s no big deal.

Between Roubo 2, VIRTUOSO, The Studley tool cabinet exhibit, and probably Roubo 3, 2015 looks to be a mighty exciting year.