Fulfilling A Christmas Gift Wish


A couple months ago I received a note from the wife of an enthusiastic follower of the Studley project, indicating that her husband had a great desire for a pair of the Studleyesque suspenders I was wearing at the exhibit.  Where could she find a pair to surprise her husband with, she asked.  Since the Studleyesque suspenders are hand painted by me, and the hand in question was encased in a cast, I could offer no words of encouragement.

Then the cast came off, and as the days went by my hand began to regain some functionality I wrote her back and promised to try the undertaking.


Beginning with a pair of standard black suspenders I traced the pattern, using a template my pal Spider Johnson made for me on his CNC laser cutter.


Next came the base coat of titanium white acrylic artists’ paint, followed by a final application of pearlescent acrylic.


And viola’, they were done and should arrive in the mail today.  I’m told the husband follows this blog, so in a few days one of you will be joining me at the vanguard of fashion.


I am trying to figure out a way to get a friend to produce these for me to sell alongside polissoirs and hand processed beeswax.  Stay tuned.