Getting Ready for Winter Projects (and well beyond) – Pedal (?) Power

So, I’ve got this ancient 1930s era scroll/jigsaw, a Boice Crane Model 900.  It is to my mind the tool form against which all others are measured.  Acquiring it was my introduction to Tall Tom, my woodworking pal of lo these many years.  He was at a community yard sale selling tools and carved walking sticks and had a small vintage Delta scroll saw at his booth.  I checked it out and decided to pick it up on my return trip after browsing the yard.

It was, of course, gone when I did return.  I engaged the seller (Tom) in conversation.  He mentioned that he had another one back at the shop but it was too heavy to haul to a flea market, so we arranged for me to come see it at his shop.  In the end we agreed to a trade; I would give him some turning lessons and he would give me the scroll saw.  Little did I know that for many years I would be found in his shop on Wednesday evenings, and that he would make several trips with me to the barn (the picture is from 2011).

I am determined to get this saw rejuvenated and outfitted for marquetry work.  Since I have a large wooden wheel I made for a treadle lathe, why not combine the two and make the Boice Crane something akin to a Barnes Velocipede Saw on steroids?  If it works out it would be a superb marquetry saw.

So that is what I will try to do.