Greatest Logo Ever?

For my palate ultra-dark chocolate transcends mere food or the nutrition pyramid.  It  is my own version of the mindset often attributed to Ben Franklin, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  (I am not of this inclination as I find beer unconsumable.  Ditto wine, which tastes like the aftertaste of siphoning gas out of the fuel tank.  But mead and rye whisky, those are different subjects altogether.)  A great bitter dark chocolate is something to be savored and remembered.

And milk chocolate?  A waste of both milk and chocolate.  When I bite into chocolate I want it to bite back.

When Barndottir2 got married and moved to North Kor–, er, Northern California we discovered the chocolatery run by her new friends, the Dick Taylor company in Eureka CA.  We even went on a factory tour with one of the owners, I forget whether it was Mr. Dick or Mr. Taylor, who was as passionate about his product as we compulsive woodworkers are about a beautifully figured piece of (fill in the blank).

Recently Barndottir2 sent me a hat with the coolest logo ever.  The sight of long curls of chocolate shavings erupting from the bench plane practically makes my mouth water.  I now have to balance wearing this  cap with my desire for making it last as long as possible.  If they ever make t-shirts or sweatshirts, put me down for a bunch.