Handworks 2017 Countdown – Restocking

Starting top left and working clockwise: Model 296 ($42, sold privately and through Lie Nielsen only); 2″ Original ($42); 1″ Turner’s Model with 1/4″ bristles ($24); 1″ Carver’s Model ($24); 1″ Original Model with 1/8″ bristles ($24).

Yesterday I got my first polissoir inventory reload in the lead-up to the upcoming toolapalooza in Amana IA.  I’ve asked the broom maker to just keep cranking them out until I say “Stop.”  This is the first installment to make sure I have plenty for Handworks, and I intend to have sample boards to play with during demonstrations there. One of the things I want to emphasize there is how to prepare and tune up a polissoir for use.

You can also order them from me here.