@Handworks 2017 – Original Roubo Print 256

“Calling Minnesota Fats, calling Mr. Fats.”

One of the peculiarities to me of the Roubo encyclical on furniture making L’art du menuisier was his attention devoted to gaming and game tables.  Perhaps the Parisians were as debauched as we are today, only they didn’t have internet gambling and office sports betting pools.  And speaking of “pool” the games of billiards were numerous and complex, far surpassing the pocket billiards (pool) that I am familiar with from movies and the Student Union in college.

Plate 256, “A Continuation of Description of a billiard table and the Instruments that are Necessary to this Game” is a peek into the arcane world of billiards, which is a series of games of precision bumper ricocheting on sometimes huge playing tables.  Plate 256 presents a world so foreign to me that the devices represented are completely unknown (to me).  So if you know of  billiard enthusiast who wants a bit of original First Edition Rouboiana this is your chance.

This page is in near-excellent condition with a little more border staining than most of the ones I have, but the image field is in darned near perfect condition.  The staining would be completely hidden by the mat when you get it framed.

The plate was drawn and engraved by Roubo himself.

I will be selling this print at Handworks on a first-come basis, with terms being cash, check, or Paypal if you have a smart phone and can do that at the time of the transaction.