@ Handworks 2017 – Original Roubo Print #261

Throughout L’art du Menuisier Roubo illustrates some pretty snazzy furniture.  Print 261, “Plans and Elevations of a Closed Desk,” certainly fits that description.  If I recall the accompanying text correctly, this desk is designed for the use of four (or maybe even six) people. All of them sitting side by side in an un-air conditioned Parisian office (it is worth noting that the word “bureaucracy” is a French word) scratching out stacks of paperwork ad nauseam and ad infinitum.  Ahh, cubicle life at its very best.

The print is in excellent condition, and was both drawn and the copper plate engraved by Roubo himself.

If you have ever wanted to own a genuine piece of Rouboiana, this is your chance.   I will be selling this print at Handworks on a first-come basis, with terms being cash, check, or Paypal if you have a smart phone and can do that at the time of the transaction.