Handworks 2017 – The Event

Make no mistake, Handworks is one of the most important evidences that hand craft is alive and well.  Participating as an exhibitor or as an attending aficionado cannot but help to influence you.

As I walked into the barn at about 9AM both days I witnessed this scene of eager attendees already in line on a cold and rainy day.

By Friday morning everything was set in the venues, or at least in the Festhalle where I was (and I heard similar stories to mine throughout the village).

In the Festhalle there was time for some last minute fellowship among the exhibitors,

some  last minute shopping at other exhibitors’ booths,

and finally, the entry of a crew of highly enthusiastic woodworkers.

And more woodworkers.

Until it became a mosh pit around us throughout the entire day.  I know I was entirely surrounded on all sides until just before closing, standing and greeting and explaining and demonstrating polissoir-and-wax finishing at least 100 times.

Saturday was abuzz with anticipation of The Roy Himself as our featured presenter.  The festivities began with Mike Siemsen’s stirring rendition of the National Anthem.

Then came Roy, and of course the crowd loved him.

Throngs to the front of me,

throngs to the back of me (I chatted with one family whose daughter had undergone an appendectomy less that a week before, but she insisted on coming to see Roy Underhill), and even afterwards the affable Mr. Underhill was unfailingly generous with his time and energy visiting with the collected posse throughout the remainder of the day.

At 5PM we broke down the exhibit, disassembled and packed the Roubo benches, and were on the road home by 5.30