honkin’ big lag bolts save the day, again‏

I had an excellent report at the surgeon’s this morning.  Everything is progressing nicely, (virtually no discomfort unless I move the wrong way and then I get a little pinch), mostly sleeping well, can maneuver through the cabin fine.  Now all it takes is time and inactivity to fuse the break back together.


The lag bolts make sure everything stays put in the mean time.  I also got permission for VERY limited activities in the shop, provided I am always sitting down or using my walker to stand.  I’ll probably begin to spend a little time there next week.  Still plowing ahead with reviewing the edits and adding essays to R2.

I’m still on track to make it to WIA the last weekend of September.  Until then I can place zero weight on my foot, and afterwards only a light load until full strength returns.