Imprecatory Ruminations

A week ago I received my first emailed ransomware/blackmail/extortion threat, and immediately notified law enforcement and de-activated the compewder wi-fi as soon as I changed all the passwords to everything I could remember.  Working remotely with webmeister Tim this evening he undertook a thorough genius-geek-worthy check of my machine, and fortunately nothing turned up.  From what I gathered, it was like the vast majority of similar blackmail attempts where the criminal is simply hoping for the victim to pay the extortion demand to save themselves any trouble.

As a result of the earlier shut-down I was unable to do any email or blogging since last week, but I hope to start working on that backlog tomorrow evening unless something else (unrelated) pops up.

In the past several days I was definitely engaged in some imprecatory meditations, praying earnestly for the (probably Ukrainian) compewder from whence the threat emanated to explode in a ball of fire consuming the hacker and all their fellow hackers and all of their compewders to become a molten heap.

I have long believed that nefarious compewder hacking should be a capitol crime.  I’m not kidding the least bit.  It indicates a purely nihilistic and envious mindset that is beyond the scope of rehabilitation via civil law, it is in the realm of the transcendent and that realm is where the ultimate judgement needs to occur.

Preferably immediately.