Japanese Toolbox – Getting the Height Right

Once the box was assembled and the tools placed inside it for reference, I knew the ~10″ height was wrong.  Fortunately it was too tall, an easily rectifiable situation.  Had it been too short that could also be fixed, but this was easier.

I estimated the necessary height by arranging all the saws and planes in place (this picture is after the cutting-down).  The latter was easy, just lay all the planes on their sides in the most efficient spatial arrangement running the length of the box.  For the saws I made a slotted bar saddle to hold them in place, alternating the handles for a tighter fit.  In the end I was able to fit in eight planes and thirteen saws on the bottom this way.

Measuring to the top of this assembled inventory I marked then sawed off the excess wood.  Much more better.  The final height of the box walls was just under eight inches.

Plus, I now have a right-sized tool box plus another shallow pine box that can be used for something else, all I have to do is nail on a bottom.