Le Sweet Petite Roubo


One of the most fun aspects of the recent successful workbench-building workshop was that the group was small and the strategy for building allowed everyone to make their own version.  I will present each of these as they come on line.


Bill wanted a small bench, perhaps only 52 inches long.  Though we started out with 96-inch core slabs, we cut Bill’s into two pieces with the larger one being a petite Roubo to serve as the platform for his exquisite Emmert K-2 patternmaker’s vise.  Over the years he had become enamored with my K-1, so when he saw this one at a yard sale he jumped at the chance.


After getting his benches home in their knocked-down configuration he slithered them into his basement workshop and got to work in outfitting the bench with his vise.  Using his other bench made from the cut-off of the 8-foot slab core, which we dubbed “Bill’s Hobbit-Sized Roubo” or quite naturally “The Bill-bo” he set about excavating the void for the massive Emmert undercarriage.


He got that done and attached the vise’s base to the bench, and is currently cleaning up the jaw and screw for imminent re-unification.

c2016-08-12 18.39.29

c2016-08-12 18.39.17

c2016-08-12 18.38.49

I see he still has some trimming to do on the ends but as of now the bench is ready to get to work.

Still, I can’t wait to see the end of the tale of the Bill-bo…