Learning New Things

Given my practice for photographing projects in the shop (routine things at the bench; the Gragg Chair Challenge, etc.) and the bazillion step-by-step pictures for A Period Finisher’s Manual I find myself ferrying SD cards up and down the hill to and from the barn on a regular basis as I download them to my laptop on the days I do not have it in the shop with me.  I can easily just pop them in and out of a coin pocket for safekeeping en route.

On the trips up and back to the barn I often make a few stops to pull weeds in the gravel driveway.

A week or so ago I got back to the barn and found only one SD card in my pocket, so I assumed I left the other somewhere down in the cabin.  It would turn up soon enough, I thought.  I put another card in the slot of the camera and gave it no more thought.

Yesterday as I bent to pull some weeds I found the missing card, alas right in the path of my truck tires and any other vehicle going to the barn.  Apparently I had placed it in my coin pocket but it worked its way out as I bent over several times.  Clearly the card had been run over a time or two and was ground into the gravel.  It was bent, bruised and battered, punctured nearly all the way through.

It no longer is functional.  Fortunately I did not lose any pictures.

Lesson learned.