Long Story Arcs

Back in the day when I still watched broadcast television there was a strategic plotting device known as “the story arc,” wherein minor plot threads would be interjected into numerous episodes even though the prominent episode themes were stand-alone.  With life on the homestead settling down, a bit at least, and (hopefully) become more manifest after barndottir #1’s wedding in a couple weeks (plus barndottir #2 has Lil’T’s sibling in the oven), the “long arc” will likely become an occasional feature on the blog.  Not THE feature, but A feature.  It’s just that many of my upcoming and ongoing shop projects are just that, ongoing.  And going, and going…

Prominent among them will be making new and salvaging and repurposing old tools.  While I still use The Accidental Woodworker as my go-to reference for a lot of tool restoration, I’ll let you peek over my shoulder as I indulge my own whimsies in this realm.

First up will be some accounts of rescuing and modifying old saws, including my advice on buying old saws and the methods I use to salvage and sharpen them.

Repurposing my old and tricking-out my new traveling tool boxes.

And my creating a special case of the former, repurposing a vintage tool chest (probably late 19thC) to house my 18th Century-style woodworking kit.

And lots of other stuff that isn’t popping into my brain right now.

Stay tuned.