Lost And FOUND!

While unpacking my “Gilding” tub for setting up my presentation at the CW WW18thC conference I removed all the stuff I needed for the show.  Getting to the bottom of the tub I was dumbstruck.  There, underneath all the gilding supplies — where it was not supposed to be — sat as my long-missing box of mostly mega-dollar (mostly) sable detailing brushes.  I had turned the shop upside down several times in the past three years looking for this little box of treasures to no avail.

Recreating history is easier when you know all the secrets.  Apparently (well, actually more than apparently) at a gilding demo many moons ago some idiot had packed this box of treasured brushes in the wrong tub of supplies.

Protection against self-incrimination prevents me from identifying the idiot.

As if WW18thC 2018 was not already wonderful enough!